Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Story in Order (sort of)

Many of you have shared my "memoir" posts with your family and friends, and for that I thank you. Unfortunately, my shortsightedness in naming the posts means that there is often confusion in what order to read them in, especially as people enter my story at the later posts. For awhile now, I've considered creating a post that lists the series in order. At the end of last week, I promised a commenter that I would be doing this shortly. In other words, I backed myself into a corner. One would think that listing my own story in order would be easy, but it has proven somewhat challenging. Prior to the "BJU" posts, I wasn't writing with the intention of  being chronologically linear; I was, instead, attempting to write in a thematically linear fashion (whether I accomplished that or not I'll leave to my friends with PhDs in things like English or Literature with an emphasis in James Joyce.) In other words, some of the posts in the following list don't really "jive" well with the other posts. Also, some anecdotes can be found in multiple posts.

I've enjoyed writing this series, and I've appreciated the many encouraging comments (both on the blog and Facebook), emails, and text messages. Most of my friends know that these blog posts are being written with the goal of eventually turning them into a book. My plan is to have the posts for the blog finished by the end of June, and then spend the rest of the summer rewriting.

A Fundamentalist's Rebellion and Kenny Loggins

Empathy for Esau

Getting Saved ... Again

Tom Petty and My Father

What Do Cool Fundamentalists Wear?

A Fundamentalist's Love Letter to Grunge

Predestination Isn't Just for Calvinists

BJU Part 1

BJU Part 2

BJU: Bill Rice Ranch Excursion

BJU Part 3

Becoming an Actor

BJU Part 4

BJU Part 5

A Fundamentalists Finds His Freedom

Becomes an Actor

A Fundamentalist Finds His Salvation

A Fundamentalist Meets Jack Kerouac

A Fundamentalist Begins His Pilgrimage

A Fundamentalist Continues His Pilgrimage: Part 1

A Fundamentalist Continues His Pilgrimage: Part 2

A Fundamentalist Concludes His Pilgrimage

A Fundamentalist's Despair

A Fundamentalist in the Pigsty

A Fundamentalist's Conversion



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    1. You say that now. After rereading the first few, you many wonder why in the world you ever started.